Will Disney World Bring Back Fireworks in 2021? See What Over 14,000 of Our Readers Think!

We haven’t seen a full fireworks show in Disney World for OVER a year now.

We Totally Miss This View!

When Disney World reopened after the park closures, fireworks and a number of other offerings were temporarily suspended, and fireworks remain suspended to this day. Do you think fireworks will return by the end of 2021? We reached out to our readers via Instagram to see their thoughts and their response was pretty clear!

As we mentioned, fireworks are temporarily suspended in Disney World at the moment. But, that doesn’t mean that all signs or talk of fireworks have disappeared. We’ve seen fireworks being tested over at EPCOT and Magic Kingdom a few times over the past few months.

Fireworks Testing

Some minimal fireworks and flares returned to Magic Kingdom for a limited time during the holiday season.

Holiday Projections (and brief surprise fireworks!) at Cinderella Castle

Over at EPCOT, work has steadily continued on the park’s upcoming new fireworks showHarmonious. All of the barges are now out in the World Showcase Lagoon (which some fans are LESS than thrilled about). We’ve also seen the Disney team testing the water effects, lighting, and more on these barges.

Harmonious Barges in place

And we’ve seen Disney posting job openings for fireworks-related positions recently as well. But, full fireworks shows haven’t returned to Disney World…yet.

We’ve shared our thoughts on when we think fireworks could resume in Disney World, but we wanted to know what you all think! So, we reached out to our Disney Food Blog followers via Instagram with the following question: Do you think fireworks will return to Disney World by the end of 2021? And the response was pretty clear! 76% of all those who responded voted for “YES,” while only 24% voted for “NO.”

A Look at the Results!

In terms of the actual numbers, it broke down to over 14,000(!!!) votes for yes, and about 4,400 votes for no. That’s a LOT of “yes” votes and probably a lot of fireworks fans itching to see their favorite shows return!

As we’ve mentioned, there are a number of factors that might weigh in favor of Disney bringing back fireworks this year, including the testing we’ve seen, fireworks jobs they’re hiring for, other things that are back to “normal” in the parks, and the developing situation with the pandemic. As more adults and kids become eligible to get vaccinated, and do in fact get vaccinated, and as COVID-19 case rates go down, Disney may feel that it is safe to resume activities (like fireworks) that tend to draw large crowds.

Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks

But, if the situation with the pandemic changes, if case rates don’t go down significantly, or if Disney feels it is best to wait a while longer and perhaps bring back some other entertainment offerings first (like parades), before bringing back fireworks, then it might be a while before we see any fireworks again.

Minnie’s Wonderful Christmas Time Fireworks

Notably Disney did not mention anything about fireworks when it announced its new After Hours BOO BASH Halloween celebration.

Happily Ever After Fireworks From the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage

We’re on the lookout for any information about fireworks and we’ll certainly keep you updated as to any fireworks-related Disney news!

Click here to watch a VIDEO with some inside details about EPCOT’s upcoming fireworks show!

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Do you think fireworks will come back to Disney World before the end of 2021? Tell us in the comments!

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