What’s New at EPCOT: Starbucks Mugs and a Reopened Store

Welcome back, DFB friends! We’re here with another What’s New at EPCOT!


And, we’ve got plenty of updates to share with you! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right on in!

EPCOT Food Update


As you’re walking around the World Showcase, sometimes you gotta refuel after getting all those steps in! And, you can pop over to Sommerfest to snack on the amazing Paprika Chips! Although they are a great side to a meal, you can pick them up on their own for $4.79 too.

Paprika Chips

I mean, look at all that INCREDIBLE seasoning! We’re drooling just looking at them!

Look at All That Seasoning!

Canada Pavilion

After you’ve gotten your snack, you can also stay hydrated in that Florida sun with one of the many drinks over at the Canada Trading Post.

Drink Stand

The post now has a price sign on the ice box of drinks for the mix of non-alcoholic and Canadian beers available to guests.

Drink Stand Menu

Now that you’ve got your snack, let’s head off on our shopping spree around EPCOT!

EPCOT Merchandise Update

Gateway Gifts

When Pin Traders was closed, Gateway Gifts was operating as a temporary location where guests could pick up all sorts of pin designs to fashion around the parks. However, now that Pin Traders is open once again, the original plush wall was reinstated!

Gateway Gifts

They’re all so cute — how do we just pick one?!

Mouse Gear

Close by, you can pop into Mouse Gear to find all sorts of goodies on the shelves! The Spaceship Earth Cookie Car has been restocked for $55

Spaceship Earth Cookie Jar

…while you could also find the Star Wars Starbucks Mugs that had originally been in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for $19.99 each.

Star Wars Starbucks Mugs

You can also tote around a new Mickey Mouse Purse that’s elegant and classic with a leather-like feel to the bag…

Mickey Mouse Purse

…and circular designs populated by Mickey heads! It’s big enough to tote around with all your park necessities, but not too big, so don’t have to worry about it getting heavy during the day for $39.99.

Pin Traders

After Pin Traders recently closed, we were wondering what magic was coming to the shop with a refurbishment. However, when it reopened this past week, it wasn’t what we expected!

Pin Traders

The inside looked practically the same as Pin Traders did prior to its closure…

It looks the same!

…but we did see that the pavement outside of the store had been switched from a smooth red to a pebbly version instead.

New pavement!

We’re not too sure why the pavement needed to be changed, but we’ll give you a look at all the other construction updates we see around EPCOT soon!

Find out the details of Pin Traders’ reopening!

Mission Space Cargo Bay

You can also find a few more new Star Wars goodies on the shelves over at the Mission Space Cargo Bay. You can collect travelers from a galaxy far, far away with the Tusken Raider Figurine

Tusken Raider Figurine

Imperial Death Trooper Figurine

Imperial Death Trooper Figurine

Shoretrooper Figurine

Shoretrooper Figurine

Imperial Hovertank Driver Figurine.

Imperial Hovertank Driver Figurine

We’re sure you could make a whole mini army on your shelves with these Dark Side foes for $24.99 each!

Canada Pavilion

Over at the Canada Trading Post, you could snag your drink and put it inside the ADORABLE Canada Tervis Tumbler! The front boasts a map of the country…

Canada Tervis Tumbler

…that stretches around the back, where you can find Chip ‘n’ Dale exploring the countryside!

Canada Tervis Tumbler

The top lid has a lip so you have easy access to drink without spilling any of the tumbler’s contents.

Canada Tervis Tumbler

And, now we’re off to the rest of the World Showcase!

China Pavilion

Over in the China Pavilion, we spotted some very fun snacks on the House of Good Fortune’s shelves. While you might usually eat pudding out of a cup, there are pudding bowls available in blueberry, mango, and lychee flavors for $3.95.

Pudding Bowls

You can find Disney artists and animators making drawings, paintings, and all sorts of other creations around the Disney property. But, the House of Good Fortune is special since guests can watch live calligraphy at the station in the store!

Calligraphy Station

An artist will use one of the specified calligraphy brushes…

Calligraphy Brushes

…to create beautiful word art for only $12.95!

Calligraphy Art

We might need to get one that says “DFB Family” on it for our homes!

Japan Pavilion

Mitsukoshi is full of all sorts of SUPER unique items, ranging from snacks all the way to Japan to merchandise from around the world! While you might associate Nintendo with the Universal Studios parks now with entire lands dedicated to the franchise, there was still plenty of the Japanese brand’s items in EPCOT! The Legend of Zelda Backpack is covered in the Hyrule Crest with Link’s signature colors for $62.95

Legend of Zelda Backpack

…and the Nintendo Socks with Mario, Link, and Bowser on them in an 8-bit character design for $34.95.

Nintendo Socks

The socks come in a creative box fashioned to look like a Nintendo video game entertainment system (which might be reason enough alone to want to get these accessories)!

Nintendo Socks Case

Speaking of video games, Animal Crossing has been a go-to for us while we’ve been chilling at home. While we’ve previously spotted an Animal Crossing Backpack, you can also find the 3-piece kitchen set with a towel, oven mitt, and pot holder for $24.95

Animal Crossings Kitchen Set

…as well as an Animal Crossing Wallet that can hold your change, cards, and more! The front and back are decorated with some of the characters you’ll meet during the game…

Animal Crossings Wallet

…like K.K. Slider and Blathers the Owl for $20.95.

Animal Crossings Wallet

Now, if only we could use this wallet in our games to tote around more bells…

EPCOT Construction Update


There were white tights surrounding the water area where the Harmonious nighttime spectacular was being built, although we weren’t entirely sure what they were for at the time!

Harmonious White Tents

As progress continues on the barges, there has been all sorts of testing going on. While we’ve previously seen lights and movement

Harmonious Barges

…one of the screens was also being tested and turned pink during our walk around the World Showcase Lagoon.

Pink Screen

We seriously can’t wait to see the show in its fully finished state! And, we’ll be sure to continue to update you on changes that come to the Harmonious construction.

America Gardens Theatre

At the America Gardens Theatre, you can watch all sorts of live performances, like the Mariachi Cobre, Voices of Liberty, and The Hooligans.

America Gardens Theatre

Along with the distanced safety measures set in place in the theatre area and seating, new directional arrows were taped on the ground to show guests which way they should enter and exit.

Directional Arrow

Construction was also taking place on the ground at other spots in the World Showcase too, though!

Morocco Pavilion

The ground in front of and under the arches in the Morocco pavilion appeared as if they were being prepped to be redone.

Morocco Pavilion

We’ve already seen a few updates around the pavilion with new doors, so there could just be routine maintenance taking place all around the pavilion.

EPCOT Crowd Update

The crowds in the parks were a bit busier throughout the week in EPCOT with more crowds heading to spots like the France Pavilion…

France Pavilion

…and the Mexico Pavilion.

Mexico Pavilion

We saw wait a flux of wait times throughout the day with Test Track at a smaller queue at a 35 minute wait

Test Track

…and Frozen Ever After at 45 minutes.

Frozen Ever After

Well, that’s all for this What’s New at EPCOT! We’ll catch you next time for more updates. And, if you have any questions about your upcoming Disney vacation, let us know so we can help you find the answers!

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