How to Conquer This FREE Game in Magic Kingdom

When you think of FREE things at Disney World you might think of free water (hopefully), free maps, free buttons, free transportation for Disney hotel guests, and a few other things that are available in the parks and resorts at no additional cost.

Time to Go to Magic Kingdom for a FREE Game!

There are also some great, FREE games you can play in the parks. You might know about Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (which ended this year) and the Play Disney Parks app. But to play this game you’ll need to head to one very specific place in Magic Kingdom…a restroom!

That’s right, we’re making our way over to one of the most beloved restrooms in all of Disney World…the Tangled Toilets in Fantasyland! These toilets have (deservingly) made our list of some of the best restrooms in all of Disney World.

So Pretty!

The area is full of incredible details, references to the movie, and some beautiful photo spots.

Seriously, This is Just Gorgeous

The area has even gotten some small refurbishments made to it recently to keep it looking great ahead of Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.

Now, you might think the only thing you can really “do” in this space is use the bathroom, but there’s so much more! In addition to all of the great photo spots and easter eggs, there are spots to sit down, relax, and recharge.

Recognize That Frying Pan?

AND there’s a special, FREE game you can play here too! While you’re hanging out in the Tangled area, you can actually go on a scavenger hunt to find the 10 Pascals (or really, friends of Pascal) that have been hidden all around the space. Pascal is a chameleon after all (and so are his friends), so they make the perfect hide-and-seek partners!

Have You Found Them All?!

Now, before we begin, we do want to note that this post is going to spoil the spots where you’ll find these hidden Pascals. We’ll try not to go into too much detail so it doesn’t give it ALL away. But, we will be showing you each of the hidden Pascals and where they’re located (for example, on a tree, by the top of a building, etc.) so you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for.

If you want to try and find him on your own without ANY assistance, you might want to bookmark this page and come back to it later if you get desperate. But, if you’re ready for some spoilers, then let’s dive in!

Such a Gorgeous Area

First — first, you’ll want to look at the trees over near Memento Mori.

Look at the Tree!

See Pascal hidden in there?! He is a chameleon, so it makes sense why he can hide so well, but goodness, he is quite good!

Pascal on a Tree!

Second — take a look at the wooden beams in the area holding up some lamps. You’ll want to look at the corners where the vertical and horizontal beams meet near the top.

Gotta Look Closely

And in one of those spots you’ll find Pascal, blending in perfectly with the wood around him!

There You Are!

Third — take a look at the water running through the area and the bridge near Peter Pan’s Flight. 

See Him Yet?

If you look between those rocks that have a green color to them, you’ll find Pascal sitting right in the center!

Hello Pascal!

Fourth — over by the bridge, you’ll need to look down at more of the rocks. This time, look near where the wooden fence sort-of meets up with the stone bridge.

Look Closely!

There, you’ll see a little Pascal sitting in the area below!

We See You!

Fifth — in the part where there’s a bit of a stream winding around, look back at the rocks.

He’s Near the Back

There, you’ll want to look VERY closely for a tiny hidden Pascal sitting in the rocks above the little stream.

He Blends in So Well

Let’s get away from the rocks for a second and look UP instead. If you look at the back of one building in the area with some flower beds on the windows, you’ll find our sixth Pascal.

Which One Is He Hiding Under?

He’s hiding under one of the flower beds there!

So Sneaky!

Seventh — you’ll want to search through some of the buildings near the restrooms. There, you’ll find one with a flower basket and a green design on the front — you might want to look in that one!!

Gotta Look Everywhere!

Inside, you’ll find Pascal hanging out with some flowers.

We Found Ya!

Eighth — take a look at the back of the Memento Mori building.

Look for This Building

On the corner of the building you’ll find Pascal hiding!

He is SO Good at Hiding

Ninth — in another part of the little stream that runs through the area, you’ll find some more rocks. Look really closely near those rocks and you’ll see Pascal peeking out from between two of the rocks. You may be able to walk around the area to get some shots at a different angle.

You Can See His Tail!

And that brings us to the tenth hidden Pascal. This one can be EXTREMELY difficult to see depending on the plant growth in the area. But, you’ll want to look for a rock that’s got some green tinges to part of it and has those cracks down the center and sides.

Look for that Big Rock in the Center

Tucked in the grass area there is a Pascal, but it looks like some of the leaves may grow up too much and cover him.

He’s Tucked in There

And that’s the list of the 10 hidden Pascals!! Hopefully that helps you on your next scavenger hunt to find him in the Tangled restroom area in Magic Kingdom.

We’ll keep looking for all kinds of hidden details, fun games, and more that you can do in the parks and at home. Stay tuned for more!

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Have you found all 10 Pascals before? Tell us in the comments!

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